Dim the brightness of an RGB color value.

rgb.dim(0, 1)

You can make a new RGB color that is a dimmer version of another one. The brightness of the color you give is reduced by the dim level that you want. The dim levels go from 0 to 5. A level of 0 makes the new color that has the same brightness (no dimming). A level of 5 is the maximum amount of dimming.

Each level of dimming makes the new color have half of the brightness. So, a dim level of 1 is half as bright, a dim level of 2 is one-fourth as bright, and so on.

If you give a dim level that is less than 0, your dim level is set to be just 0. Also, if you give a dim level more than 5, your dim level is set to be just 5.


  • rgb: the RGB color that will get dimmed.
  • level: a number that is the dim level, a value between 0 and 5.


  • an RGB color value that is dimmed from the value in rgb.


Slowly dim the blue light of the RGB LED by each dim level.

for (let level = 0; level <= 5; level++) {
    rgb.setColor(rgb.dim(Colors.Blue, level))